We love Lassi

At our house, we love Lassi! Although Sophia is a huge fan of dogs, I am not referring to Lassie the dog, rather the Indian yogurt drink called Lassi. Lassi is an indian yogurt based drink that is commonly flavored with mango pulp and sometimes honey for sweetness. Lassi is full of beneficial probiotics. Probiotics are a type of beneficial bacteria found in your gastrointestinal tract that can be beneficial to your health. The benefits associated with probiotics include: enhanced immune system response, increased ability to digest foods, increased ability to assimilate the nutrients from food, alleviates many common digestive disorders (constipation, diarrhea and IBS) and increases the ability of the body to absorb calcium (among many others). We discovered Lassi at the San Rafael Farmers Market, Lakshmi Lassi makes their Mango and Rose Lassi from Organic Strauss Yogurt and it is delicious! I have also tried the Mango Lassi from Trader Joes..it is good too (not as good as Lakshmi Lassi). I have been reading through Lassi recipes and plan on trying to make some on my own. I will add a new post with the recipe when I find something we all like.


One response to “We love Lassi

  1. You saved me…I was looking for the Lassi vendor and couldn’t remember the name!! I found your post and found him on Facebook, thanks!

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